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"Give Me 30 Minutes And I'll Show You How To
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Have Exactly What You Want"

From the eDesk of Connie Ragen Green
Santa Clarita, California


Dear Friend,

Are you living a life you never planned on living? I know how you feel. For years I felt like other people were lucky and got what they wanted in their lives. I watched as other people found great relationships, were offered dream jobs, and went on vacations to places I had always wanted to visit.

I was broke - living from paycheck to paycheck and never knowing if I would have enough money for my bills. My health was not good, and I feared losing my job as a teacher if I took any more sick days. Relationships with family, friends, and co-workers were all strained. I knew this was not the life I had intended for myself, but I just didn't know how I was going to change things.

Then everything changed for me. One day in April of 2005 I had a thought about the life I was living and what I really wanted in my life. I held that thought for more than a minute, triggering something in my mind that started me on the path to success.



This System of Inner Game Mindshifting will show you how to:

   Focus on the thoughts that will attract your new life so you can start living differently right now

   Decide exactly what it is that you DO want in your life, so that you won't ever be at the mercy
      of a boss or anyone else  

   Learn to deal with other people in a way that will be a Win-Win for both of you so that you will
     always feel good about your interactions with others


Yes, I Want To Get Started Today


This information has helped me in many ways, both personal and for my business. Yesterday I was thinking about my son in Indiana whom I had not heard from in several months. Within an hour he called me - just to talk. Coincidence? I think not. I am now able to focus my thoughts and visualize what I want - getting my 'inner game' working for me.

Cynthia Alexander





Our lives are what we make them. Isn't it time for a change? I think back to the years I lost, not understanding that I could shift my thinking and have the life I wanted and deserved. I promised myself I would help others to have this success in their own life, and this is your opportunity to move forth in this way.

We choose our lives. I used to believe that other people were responsible for me not having what I wanted in my life. I blamed the principal at the school where I taught for not giving me the opportunity to teach science to my grade level. I was angry with her for more than two years over her decision to let someone else have that job and to make me teach physical education for a year instead. I had studied to be a science teacher, not a P.E. coach. I blamed the man who owned the real estate company where I was working as an appraiser for sending me to the jobs furthest away from where I lived. I almost quit over that. I was having to drive for two hours each way every weekend, while the other appraisers got to work much closer to our office. I blamed my neighbors for ruining my street by adding a room to their house and causing noise and debris for three months. I needed my sleep and there were all kinds of trucks and construction going on right in front of my house. I was ready to let my house get foreclosed because that made me so upset.

Can you see a pattern here? I was blaming others for what was happening and not taking any responsibility for my own life. Then one day in the spring of 2005 I had one single thought that was the start of my life. Once I shifted my thinking and changed my inner game, the whole world appeared different to me.

It was as if I put on new glasses and the world suddenly came into focus.


I started showing up at school thirty minutes early each morning and running around the track with the kids. It was fun! One day the science teacher told me he wished he could do what I was doing instead, because he had so much paperwork and I was able to spend time playing sports with the kids. Then I lost a few pounds and some of the other teachers complained that it wasn't fair that I got to be the physical education teacher and get so much exercise while I was supposed to be working. I spent more time with my students than I would have been able to if I was still teaching in the classroom. And, I was able to wear anything I wanted, and had no papers to grade or report cards to prepare.

On the weekends, when I was driving two hours up the coast to do real estate appraisals, I began to take my lunch and pull over by the ocean to eat and watch for the whales migrating down from Canada. One day I saw some dolphins swimming along the shoreline and couldn't believe how fortunate I was to have this job. Instead of fighting the traffic in Los Angeles every weekend, I was sitting by the beach and watching the dolphins and whales! It was magical.

The same neighbors who had done the room addition decided to now add a second story to their house. I heard from someone else on my street that they were afraid I was going to be even more upset, but instead I invited them to come over for dinner and tell me about their plans. They showed me pictures of what the house was going to look like when it was finished and I helped pick the colors for their new bathroom. After they left I thought about how nice it would be to have a two-story house. Within six months I had decided to put my house up for sale and had moved into my own two-story house twenty minutes away. I had never even thought of moving for the 13 years I had lived there, and now I was moving into a brand new house with a view!

I found myself smiling for no apparent reason, and thinking about everything my life had in store for me. Within a year I had resigned from the school district and began giving away my real estate assignments to others who still wanted to work in that field. I had changed my Inner Game and was thinking in a completely new way.

Soon I realized that others could benefit from what I had figured out. I promised myself right then and there that I would share this information on mindshifting with anyone who wanted to know more.

You may be wondering what happened to the science teacher at my old job. He became the physical education teacher as soon as I left and started a soccer team for the kids. The last I heard he was starting a program in the neighborhood so the kids could play soccer all year long. Everyone benefitted from the situation, which is how it should be in life.





This is the feeling you will have when you
spend just 10 minutes each day
in a state of focused mindshifting.




BONUS #1     The Binaural Beats of Focus from Pat O'Bryan - the
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                               technology will put your mind in a calm, focused state,
                               allowing you to relax and shift your thinking.


BONUS #2     Email access to me for the next 30 days - I have used 
                                this System successfully for more than 3 years now,
                                so who better to answer your questions and guide you
                                to success in your life.    



Connie, This Makes Sense For Me




Try The Inner Game Mindshift System For As Long As You Like.
If You Ever Find That It Does Not Meet Your Satisfaction In Every Way, Your Investment
Will Be Cheerfully Refunded.






Thanks so much for sharing this information with me. After just four days of following your directions, thinking quietly each morning, and listening to the binaural beats, everything is much clearer. I am not afraid of starting my online business, and I now have a clear vision to focus on what I want. I must tell you I was skeptical at first, but now I can't imagine I ever doubted you. Thank you for showing me just how great my life can be!.

Jenna Ross
Valencia, California




I spent the first 50 years of my life by not truly living. The past four years have been like a dream. What are you waiting for? You can choose your life and change your Inner Game forever. Allow me to guide you along the path to a future filled with promise. You will know what it means to feel like you have won the 'spiritual lottery'.


Yes, I'm Ready Now!


By now you can feel that I am living proof this system will work for anyone who wants to change their life. Please join me on this journey. Just 10 to 15 minutes each day, spent in quiet thinking, with the sounds of Pat O'Bryan's binaural beats playing gently beside you, is all it will take to completely shift your thinking and achieve your goals. Are you ready to take this journey with me?


At just $17, you owe it to yourself to allow this system into your life. Remember that you will be able to email me for the next 30 days to share what is happening in your own life and to ask me questions. You will amaze yourself at the thoughts and ideas that now fill your mind as you experience your own inner game mindshift.


Connie Ragen Green


P.S. No one is going to knock on your door and teach you how to shift your thinking and change your life. Isn't it time for you to change your own 'Inner Game' and get on with the wonderful life that is waiting for you? This system has worked for me and countless others, so I know it will work for you. You have my promise and guarantee on this.